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Welcome to Kumamoto

An earthquake occurred in Kumamoto.
All OK my hostel!
Thank you!

Nakashimaya is a traditional Japanese inn located in downtown Kumamoto.
We provide Japanese-style tatami rooms with futons starting at 2800 yen per night.
You can enjoy taking a stroll by Kumamoto castle, one of the three best castles in Japan.

We are located very near Kumamoto Kotsu Center bus centre wihich offers easy access to,
Mt'Aso (the famous caldera), Amakusa, Kurokawa onsen, Beppu in Oita prefecture,
Takachiho in Miyazaki prefecture, Fukuokak, Nagasaki, Kagoshima, and Saga etc.
We are a guest house, a youth hostel, and an inn for backpackers.
We can teach you how to dye items.
Enjoy dyeing your own handkerchief, T-shirt and/or sneakers by Roketsuzome or Shiborizome.

Accommodation charges

Dormitories for men and women separately: 2,800 yen/ night.

Small private rooms : room charge: 3,300 yen /night
Two guests stay to "Small private room" : room charge : 5,900 yen / night

Medium private room [capacity is four guest]: room charge: 12,800 yen / night

Big private room[capacity is seven guests]: room charge: 22,400 yen / night

Rooms are not sound-proofed.

Guests under 12 years old cannot be accommodated at this hostel.

*E-mail Reservation*
Please fill out the E-mail form and send it to us.

Telephone number:
Number of guests and sex:
*Children older than over 12 years are welcome.
Check in date:
Check in time(16:00~21:00):
Check out date:
Room type:


Free Internet Access

Free LAN service

2 free shower rooms

4 free bathrooms

Free guest kitchen

Free TV room

Free observatory deck

Security cameras installed

Washing machine: 200 yen including laundry soap.

Shampoo and body soap set : 100 yen for 2set

etc. are on sale.

Meals are not served. A guest kitchen is available to cook for yourself.

All rooms are non-smoking.

Check in: 4:00 P.M. - 9:00 P.M.
We don’t accept any late check-in after21:00
Also, please note that luggage storage is available between 8am-12pm.

A copy of your ID (such as a passport or driving license) is required for security
when you check in.
Your stay may not be accepted without your ID.

Check out : 10:00 A.M.

No curfew
The entrance is password security locked at night.

Cancellation charges

No show: 100 %

Accommodation Day: 100 %

1 day prior to accommodation day: 50 %

2 days prior to accommodation day: 40 %

3 days prior to accommodation day: 30 %

Ø Payment: pay in cash. Credit cards are not available.

Will you want to the Dyeing experience classroom?
roketsuzome, shiborizome

It takes about 2 hours.
You need to make a reservation and tell us
which of the above courses and your size seven days prior to the dyeing day.
For last minute applications, we may not be able to fulfill your wishes for size.
Please ask us if you are applying less than one week before.

① Handkerchief : 1,000 yen/each

②Tenugui : 1,500 yen/each

③T-shirt : 3,000 yen/each

④ Sneakers (CONVERSE HI type): 8,000 yen/pair

*Reservation the Dyeing*


View 染物と宿の中島屋 Dyeing and Hostel NAKASHIMAYA in a larger map

①The hostel is a 18 minutes' walk from Kumamoto Station (1.5km)
You exit Kumamoto Station and walks along the tram line.
You will see the Hotel New Ohtani on your left.
Turn left as soon as you cross the bridge.
(The name of the bridge is Gionbashi 祗園橋)
Go straight for about 600 meters.
Turn right as soon as you cross the bridge.
(The name of the bridge is Meihachibashi 明八橋)
You will see a pink colored supermarket.
Turn left at the second block.
The hostel is a black colored four storied building on the left of this street.
From Kumamoto Station to Hostel

②The hostel is a 7 minute walk from the Kotsu center (600 meters.)
From Kotsu center to Hostel

③The hostel is a 5 minutes' walk from the Gofukumachi tram stop.
When travelling from Kumamoto station by tram,
take the A-line to "5"Gofukumachi stop(呉服町).
When travelling from JR Kamikumamoto station take A-line to "5"Gofukumachi(呉服町).
From Gofukumachi tram stop to Hostel

From Senbabashi tram stop to Hostel.
There will be a bridge on your left.
1:Walk away from the post office.
2:Take your first righe turn.
3:Wale to the end of the block and turn left.
4:The hostel is the third building on your right.
From Senbabashi tram stop to Hostel

④The hostel is a 6 minutes' walk from Kotsu center,
after 40 minutes' travel from Kumamoto airport by bus
From Kotsu center to Hostel

⑤The hostel is a 6 minutes' walk from Kotsu center
after 40 minute travel from Kumamoto port by bus.
From Kotsu center to Hostel

Around us

Downtown. A 24 hour super market. A Convenience store. A public bath. A Laundromat. Toll parking lots.
A 24 hour post office. A department sore. Kumamoto castle and etc.

When you visit us, we are pleased to give you more information.

 Dyeing and Hostel NAKASHIMAYA
〒860-0004 熊本市新町2-11-6
2-11-6 shinmachi chuouku kumamoto-city JAPAN 860-0004
TEL / FAX : +81-96-202-2020
mail :